Language IN Language master FR Abbreviated text MIGO: qty proposed despite “Delivery -completed” Indicator Is it anyway, could we avoid that on a PO position article that put the delivery of the full indicator? For delivery contracts, you must deliver the final delivery – – original message – from: phulmale vilas via sap-log-mm To: Shishir Agrawal In line: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 10:01:32 AMSubject: [sap-log-mm] Full announcement delivery hello all I have a sinario, I created an PO for mat1 for 100 qty and I didn`t do gr for this PO and now I check the full display of Delivrey, but also after I`m able to do the GR, why is it so? If the requrement is critical, you can use the delivery tolerance of 99.9-percnt; in PO (not recommended) so that if you partially process the GR system only as in the delivery tolerance and puts the delivery notice automatically But in the actual scenario, if there are partial deliveries against this order, it will allow you to deliver for the remaining quantities even if you have settled the delivery notice. So this is not a foolproof system to prevent abuse of your open PO. You can say, delivery conclusion by delivery the year-end indicator gives statistical information. Hello. Thank you for your response, and I understand. But now my requirement is to limit the GR for the delivery of PO parts, because we only allow one GR for an order, even the full quantity that is not delivered by the supplier. I can put the full delivery display through a Z program, but also I fix the full delivery indicator system allows to take GR because of the qty balance in. Please give an idea to limit gr for this PO if a configuration available thanks to this information, because we are also facing the same problem. But if the user forgets to use the final billing notice, then there is a way to do so after booking the document. Maintenance from the receipt of the goods is not necessary for termination, in order to determine whether there is an over-delivery tolerance or whether the “unlimited” license plate is fixed at the item level.

If you want to avoid goods inflows or invoices, you can “lock” the position. o At the next receipt, the system does not select the item as a proposal in the transaction selection list. In the MIGO transaction, the system does not offer the `OK` indicator, although it would normally be offered based on the user`s settings.