“Creating a nanny contract minimizes miscommunication and facilitates amicable resolution of disputes when they arise,” Bugbee said. If you leave your nanny`s job, you should consider entering into a compensation agreement with her. In exchange for a modest amount of additional compensation to your nanny, an end-of-contract compensation for PandaTip severance: Depending on the damages received to the family in the event of a breach of this confidentiality clause, you can add a type of language in relation to a consequence of the violation, such as “Because it would be difficult to determine the exact amount of harm that could result from the breach of confidentiality , the parties agree that the liquidated damages of $10,000 would be due by Nanny to Family, and Family reserves the right to lighten the burden on the part of a competent court and to compel the nannies to drain all financial benefits received by third parties in exchange for the breach of confidentiality.┬áThis detailed document covers all aspects of your nanny`s employment and is tailored to your individual situation. The agreement is simple, legally applicable and significantly reduces communication or future disputes. In the 2015 Nanny Compensation Survey of New York-based Park Slope Parents, 38 percent of parents said they included a confidentiality clause. A standard employment contract on its website states in a paragraph: “The employee may see or hear (or discover) information about our family. All information about our family (household, finances, career) is expected to remain confidential.┬áThe only exceptions to this obligation are: (1) a direct threat to the health, safety and well-being of the family or children (e.g. B 911 in the event of a medical emergency); (2) must be provided by a court or government authority (for example. B by a summons). In the event of an effort to force the production of information, Nanny will immediately inform the family of the efforts made to make any appropriate objections. The timekeepers of a New England nanny sign an agreement with the agency not to discuss or disclose private information. Families who hire long-term caregivers must establish their own agreement if they wish.

For more information, please contact us at (518) 348-0400. A confidentiality agreement, especially with a high-level customer, allows you to be very careful about what you want to share, including among people you trust. But you shouldn`t worry about having problems as long as you clearly understand the terms of your agreement. “The most important thing for the nannies is to read the agreement and not just sign it. And then ask yourself if they don`t understand – if there`s something they`re not sure about or need to be clarified – because it`s always better to understand expectations from the beginning than accidentally break the agreement and have a problem,” Weinberger says.